Tuesday, June 19, 2018
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IRFF Wales

Vision Statement

International Relief Friendship Foundation, (IRFF) seeks a world of ethical action, social justice, self-reliance and opportunity. Our organization hopes to realize this vision by acting as a catalyst for global, social change. IRFF creates opportunities for human development, community welfare and social progress through educational service projects and our holistic programs which promote sustainability, while endorsing the essential principles of compassion and cooperation as the cornerstones of world peace.

Mission Statement

The International Relief Friendship Foundation, (IRFF) is dedicated to the purpose of finding practical solutions to the global problems of poverty, suffering and disease while promoting opportunities for long-term sustainable development for communities in need.

To this end, IRFF provides immediate humanitarian relief to individuals and families devastated by poverty, illness, natural disasters, and conflict while also providing opportunities for long-term sustainable development through educational and economic opportunities. In addition, IRFF is developing and educating the next generation of socially responsible global leaders through our experiential service learning programs that stress cultural, religious and racial cooperation.

IRFF Wales

The International Relief Friendship Foundation is an international charitable organisation that creates and sponsors short and long term programmes in agricultural and rural development, educational and technical training, health care, urban and community services, and emergency disaster relief. Its medical teams have been active in the fight against disease in Africa, Asia and South America.

IRFF-Wales focuses on mainly on Chad and among its recent projects has been the raising of funds to provide wells for groups of families who have had little or no access to water. Where there is no water then it has to be brought from wells, often kilometres from a family home and delivered daily which means there is very little for personal washing, clothes etc.

Bringing water for a family’s daily needs is often no ordinary task

Bringing water for a family’s daily needs is often no ordinary task

Although Chad is an extremely hot and dry land and surface water is scarce, there is water underground. One of the difficulties for local people is reaching it as the cost to sink a well is far too high for most people. Outside the main towns a village is likely to have one well for the whole village to share.


Just putting the finishing touches to a well


water_child clean_water

Clean water is essential for good health

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Education, at all levels, is vital for the well being of everyone so although IRFF focuses very much on primary education helping towards a better future it is also concerned about the spread of AIDS and the breakdown of family life.

Schools are setup to provide primary education as a start to an improved lifestyle.

IRFF run school in N’djamena, Chad - Educational programmes

To provide education for disadvantaged and illiterate children suffering from poverty is to give them the tools to build a productive and unconditional service that will enable people to contribute meaningfully to the progress of their community and, ultimately, their nation. IRFF has supported, initiated and still supports schools and projects in different parts of the world.

chad_school_01 chad_school_02 chad_school_03

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Family Education

Family life in Africa is very strong yet the problem of AIDS and family breakdown is an ever present reality.

Volunteers travel from village to village teaching groups about family values in the battle against AIDS and the breakdown of family life.


Severe famine and hunger related problems worldwide are the primary causes of death and poor health among children in the developing nations. External assistance in the form of food aid will never solve the recurring cycle of poverty. IRFF fosters long-term development through substantial efforts in agricultural education. These training programmes instruct young persons in appropriate technologies and methods that fit the local situation and resources.

family_education_01 family_education_02 family_education_03

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Pig Farming

Buy a family a pig and when it has been eaten it is gone forever. Teach a man to farm pigs and he can feed his family and provide food for many others.

Life in Chad is very hard because of the harsh, dry climate but despite this the people are hard working and extremely patient.

pig_farming_02 pig_farming_03 pig_farming_01

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IRFF Wales depends on the generosity of individual donors like you to continue our life-changing programs. Thank you for your support.